Consumer Specialities

Carst & Walker (South Africa) has established itself as a significant agent and distributor of raw materials and technical support for:
  • Personal Care
  • Home Care
  • Pharmaceutical Excipients 
Key Principals Represented - please click on the Principal's logo to visit their website.
Sugar based ingredients, Gel-to-milk technology
Surface treated pigments, Dispersions, Active Ingredients
Natural hectorite clays, Rheological additives
Active Ingredients, Sensorial emulsifiers, Texturizing specialties
Exfoliators, Spa ingredients and products
Specialty Rheology modifiers, Conditioning polymers, Hair Styling ingredients
Stem cells, Active ingredients
Indigenous extracts
Quillaja, Jojoba, Oat
Specialty hydrocarbons, Vegetable-based emollients
Shea based emollients, vegetable derived emulsifiers, naturally-derived bioactive lipids
Development of new sustainable ingredients and technologies.
Paraben free Preservatives,
Natural Emulsifiers,
Thickening Agents, Active Substances.
We also supply Palm based products, Glycerine, Organic glycerine, Fatty acids and fatty esters, Cocoa butter, Cosmetic oils, Colours and Niacinamide.
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Tel: +27 11 4893600
+27 31 3138500
Cape Town
+27 21 5064598